Youth Development Programming


Jeremy’s ability to facilitate engaging, program-centric assessments and culturally appropriate trainings has enabled us to meet our organizational goals in ways that powerfully enhance our staff skills while reinvigorating the way that we run our programs.

Michelle Lee Urbano, Former Director, Division of Child and Adolescent Health, Boston Public Health Commission

Youth development, in the context of programming, is a complex process that requires caring, support and guidance from adult professionals. It is also a process that must include space for real voice and efficacy of young people themselves. Jeremy provides customized training, coaching, and program and curriculum development to both school and out-of-school-time clients to ensure that programming is supporting and including young people. His approach is grounded in a thorough understanding of best practices for the field and a deep appreciation of the day-to-day efforts of teachers, youth workers, and other youth development practitioners and leaders; and a core belief in the power and capacities of young people.