Jeremy demonstrated an amazing ability to help a diverse group of people move from a vague set of ideas and hopes toward a concrete, cohesive set of goals while building a sense of solidarity and teamwork, even across seemingly disparate groups. He is an expert strategic thinker, problem-solver, facilitator, and community-builder.

Samantha Wechsler, former Executive Director, Bikes Not Bombs

Retreats should generate momentum and good will, moving the mission and work of nonprofit organizations forward in powerful ways. Start by defining a meaningful purpose. Include thoughtful planning. Make sure to have dynamic, participatory facilitation. You will be well on your way to holding a successful retreat.

If you are teambuilding, facing strategic decisions, engaging in strategic planning, trying to enhance organizational learning, designing a new initiative, or looking to work through a difficult issue or conflict, a retreat with Jeremy can play a key role in moving your work forward. Jeremy will partner with you to carefully identify your desired outcomes; and then design a dynamic, inclusive, interactive retreat. Whether it’s for 4 days or 4 hours, Jeremy will work with you to ensure that your retreat achieves tangible, meaningful results.