Jeremy Phillips Consulting helps organizations achieve their goals.

Strategy That Works

  • Developing strategic plans that are really used to guide your work
  • Making important organizational decisions
  • Prioritizing the right work for the right goals
  • How to map and think through new opportunities
  • Overcoming challenges, leveraging opportunities
  • Facing organizational change

Building Effective Teams

  • Aligning around shared mission and goals
  • How to productively address conflict and overcome challenges
  • Motivating initiative
  • Developing communications that work

Organizational Coaching

  • Be strategic and visionary
  • Stay mission-driven in challenging environments
  • Build their ability to anticipate and navigate change
  • Notice and address challenges as they arise


  • Creating a dynamic, participatory and fun (where appropriate) environment
  • Addressing conflicts
  • Achieving goals for the event

Youth Development Programming

  • Engaging young people in decision-making in community, program and organizational levels
  • Developing new programs or revamping old ones so that they provide the most opportunities and best support for young people
  • Institutionalizing youth programming in meaningful ways