Every mission-driven organization faces unique challenges and opportunities. Jeremy Phillips Consulting offers the right kind of support and partnership for those times you need help moving past your obstacles and making the most of your prospects and possibilities. Jeremy will work thoughtfully with you to develop and deliver just the right consulting intervention. One that will leave your organization well positioned to successfully move forward with its important work.

For instance:

  • Does your organization have a clear road map, with everyone’s efforts aligned to follow it?
  • Does it have a culture that fosters collaboration, creativity and communication?
  • Is your organization reflective, yet action-oriented?
  • Are the people in your organization clear about their roles, and how they contribute to the mission?
  • Can your organization address conflict and unanticipated challenges productively?
  • Is your organization staying true to its purpose and guiding principles as it responds to the fast-changing world around it?

Jeremy Phillips is an independent consultant who helps nonprofits, NGOs, community coalitions, foundations, schools, and government agencies put these essential elements into place and sustain them for lasting success. Through Jeremy’s facilitation, coaching and thought-partnership, he’ll help you address immediate challenges, build a strong foundation for continued impact, and ultimately achieve your mission.

Please check out his services, learn more about Jeremy, and read his articles about Strategic (and Successful!) Planning and The Why, How and When of Successful Retreats. Or contact Jeremy for a free consultation. He’s looking forward to hearing from you.