Organizational Coaching


Peter Senge

In an ever-changing work environment, Jeremy has helped me to develop and execute a strong leadership strategy that contributes to our organizational goals. Because of Jeremy’s leadership coaching I can more easily identify opportunities for my team and feel I have the tools and confidence to advocate for my programs.

Laura Brazee, Director Youth Engagement and Action Program, Plan International, USA

Coaching is well recognized as an effective organizational tool in the for-profit sector, but it is often undervalued in the non-profit world. While many leaders approach coaching defensively, believing that it is being offered because they are viewed as struggling or green; in fact, everyone can benefit from coaching. The best leaders seek out coaches to help them stay reflective and continue to grow.

Working with executive directors, program directors, and middle managers, Jeremy focuses his coaching practice around the leader’s place and context in her or his organization. While his coaching enables leaders to grow and develop as professionals, the focus is on your sustained success in leading your organization to most successfully work through challenges, address conflict, solve dilemmas, and advance its mission.

Whether working through external challenges, staffing issues, board relationships, or strategic opportunities, individuals being coached will explore, probe, challenge themselves, and gain perspective. They will learn skills that enable them to make the best decisions and take the best approach to the challenges they are facing and be better equipped to do so even more successfully next time.