Building Effective Teams


Barry Oshry

Jeremy’s ability to meet us where we were, help us assess needs and goals, nurture and grow relationships, and continually clarify and distill conversations, not only strengthened our project – a large-scale project, with layered outcomes, many moving parts and 17 organizational partners — but also helped us make the leap to a truly collaborative effort. Jeremy has fantastic interpersonal skills and is highly effective at planning and facilitating productive sessions which not only build trust but yield results. I would highly recommend Jeremy, and have many times!

Kate Leavitt, Marine Science Program Coordinator, Seacoast Science Center

Being able to accomplish tasks through teams is fundamental to success, yet many organizations and coalitions don’t have the wherewithal to set up, build, or support effective teamwork. When teams get into conflict or have trouble achieving their goals, many organizations will try to respond by holding a retreat or conducting an assessment. These efforts can only work when:

  • They are based in the context of both the broader organization and the teams themselves;
  • They are designed to surface and promote what is already working,
  • They are inextricably connected to the team’s alignment and individuals’ passion for your organization’s mission.

Jeremy has helped dozens of clients develop strong teams that collaborate well, feel good about working together, know how to work through issues when they are not, and have their efforts united behind mission. Through practical and appreciative assessments, leadership coaching, and dynamic retreats, Jeremy will support the emergence and sustainability of strong and resilient teams focused on and built around advancing mission.